Industry Coverage

Healthcare & Life Sciences

ExpertConnect® manages one of the largest networks of board certified physicians in every specialty and sub-specialty in the US.  Our network also includes non-physicians with expertise in all aspects of healthcare and life sciences, including ongoing clinical research, pharmaceuticals and patient care, sales and hospital administration.

Technology, Media, & Telecom

Get connected with knowledgeable thought leaders in Technology, Media & Entertainment, and Telecommunications. Industry Consultants on the front lines and in senior roles are available to address a wide variety of topics including networking, semiconductor, consumer electronics, hardware, software, advertising, videogames and television.

Energy & Industrials

Industry Consultants in oil and gas, utilities, building materials and equipment, agriculture, packaging and shipping, and manufacturing are available to address all of your questions regarding Natural Resources, Industrials, and Transportation. These professionals have years of direct industry experience in frontline, management, and executive roles.

Access attorneys, government affairs consultants, lobbyists, and former elected officials for insights on significant legal and regulatory matters and the impact on an industry, market, or product.

Accounting, Financial & Business Services

Engage with a variety of executives from banking, insurance and lending institutions to business solutions providers and outsourced business partners.

Retail & Consumer

Learn about trends in consumer goods and consumer services from industry executives, retailers, franchisees, consultants, and market researchers.

Real Estate

Consult with leaders from property management to investors regarding trends in commercial and residential real estate.