Services for Financial Services Clients

Asset Managers, Private Equity funds, Venture Capital firms and other Investment Firms require continuous streams of information to make the most informed investment decisions.  ExpertConnect can connect analysts and portfolio managers with thought leaders and frontline industry professionals with the best insights on products, markets, companies and trends.

  • Hedge Funds
  • Mutual Funds
  • Proprietary Trading Desks
  • Private Equity Firms
  • Venture Capital Firms

All use ExpertConnect to engage the most helpful sources of primary research.

Use ExpertConnect for:

  • Vetting an idea or investment thesis with a leading thinker on the topic or someone on the frontline in the industry with primary insights

  • Due Diligence to confirm industry research or management statements during the course of transaction investigation

  • Tutorials when you are trying to understand a new product, trend, or market condition

  • Surveys when you need to survey a broad range of thought leaders on a matter. Launch a custom survey of ExpertConnect thought leaders

  • Education Seminars in a small group setting or privately in your office

Service & Compliance

  • Dedicated Research Team is assigned to each client and is focused on their specific research needs

  • Compliance is taken seriously and systemic measures are in place to protect against improper disclosures or interaction.