Services for Corporate & Professional Services Clients

Corporations use ExpertConnect® to gain real-time insights and perspectives on issues and projects across all functions of the organization.  Senior Executives and their teams leverage ExpertConnect’s thought leader network through phone consultations, written reports, round table discussions, and seminars to help achieve corporate objectives.

Corporate Development/M&A

Access Industry Consultants to better understand a target company’s management, customers, suppliers or other stakeholders. Gain insights in a timely and confidential manner.

Marketing & Strategy

Assemble Industry Consultants to conduct market research. Pressure-test strategic theses with renowned thought leaders and gain market insights from frontline professionals. Custom reports are delivered in a timely fashion providing insights across the entire value chain.

Sales & Business Development

ExpertConnect Industry Consultants help companies gain a deeper understanding of their prospects. Clients gain peace of mind when they are assured of connecting with the right person about a compelling problem and with the right solution.

Product Development

War room product development ideas with actual would-be purchasers. Gauge market interest and better understand how to distinguish your product in the market.

Consulting Firms

Consulting Firms use ExpertConnect® to engage thought leaders to help execute on client needs, conduct due-diligence or even prepare for pitching clients.

  • Execution  - Gain insights from industry professionals, customers, suppliers, and former government officials with regard to your client’s business and industry sector.  Using ExpertConnect® thought leaders in the process lowers your cost of execution while increasing the speed & effectiveness of the engagement.  Conduct on-demand calls, surveys or request round table discussions.

  • Business Development – Wow your prospects by learning from those who know them best—former executives, customers, suppliers, or other industry players who can guide you in preparing your pitch and presentations.  This will increase your chances of comprehensively addressing your prospects’ issues and winning their business.

  • Leveraged Learning—Access insights and data through surveys and interviews to accelerate workflow and understanding of any topic or issue.