How It Works

The process is simple. Once you join ExpertConnect, we will contact you with client consultation requests related to your industry experience. For each request you can expect to receive an email detailing the consulting project and compensation. As an Industry Consultant you are free to accept or decline the consultation offer based on your comfort, relevant expertise, and availability.

After the consultation is completed, submit an invoice to ExpertConnect® directly and expect to receive payment promptly.

Who makes a great expert?
  • Good industry knowledge and experience.
  • Open to unique and personal networking opportunities.
  • Interest in earning consulting income based on your schedule
    and your chosen rate.
  • Interest in being part of a community of cross-industry professionals.
  • Willing to share, teach, and mentor.
Sign up
  • Complete Sign-up Process => click "Become an Expert" above
  • Biography, Consulting Rate, Employment/Education history, specialties.
  • Complete compliance tutorial, sign terms and conditions (takes 10-15 minutes).
  • ExpertConnect® Clients present a research need and consultation method – phone call, in-person meeting, seminar, or survey.
    • Nothing ever shows up publicly, you will know who and when your info is being presented.
    • Confidentiality exists on both sides of the consultation.
  • Target industry consultants receive an invitation to consult (email).
  • Interested and qualified consultants accept invitation (ExpertConnect® portal).
  • ExpertConnect® clients select consultant(s) and arrange consultation schedule. (portal, email, phone)
  • Consultation occurs.
Get Paid
  • Request payment for your time (ExpertConnect® portal).

  • Receive payment in 5-7 business days.