Financial Services

Engage with Industry Consultants to gain market insights and intelligence in the most effective manner.

  • Broad Sector Coverage:

    Healthcare, Energy & Industrials, Tech, Media, Telecom, Retail, Real Estate, & more...

  • Phone Consultations:

    on-demand, scheduled quickly, with leading Industry Consultants

  • In-Person Meetings/Seminars:

    private or small-group sessions.

  • Custom Surveys:

    fast feedback from a targeted set of experts


ExpertConnect® is an absolutely essential partner in our everyday work. They make the complicated and time-consuming logistical tasks of identifying and reaching out to consultants easy for us.

—Managing Director, Investment Bank

Corporate & Professional Services

Working with ExpertConnect® has been tremendous. From the initial outreach about project feasibility to working around my busy clinical schedule and ultimately reimbursement for my time, consulting through ExpertConnect® is seamless.

—Orthopaedic Surgeon, Ivy League University Hospital

ExpertConnect® provides insight and actionable knowledge to corporations and services firms in support of strategic initiatives, marketing programs, and executive-level decision making.

We enable you to connect with a broad range of experts on the topics most relevant to you - providing you with the breadth of information required to address dynamic real-time business challenges.



ExpertConnect® has established rules and guidelines for research engagement based on client expectations and Industry Consultant feedback. Compliance standards and best practices for participation in ExpertConnect® interactions are outlined in the following:

Industry Consultants agree that…

They will not disclose material non-public information.

They will not breach a duty of confidentiality owed to a third party, they will comply with their employer’s rule on outside consulting.

They will complete ExpertConnect’s compliance training and they will terminate consultations when in doubt and be paid by ExpertConnect® for full time allotted.

Clients agree that…

They will not solicit material non-public information.

They will not solicit the breach of a duty owed to a third party.

They will terminate consultations when in doubt and be credited by ExpertConnect® for future projects.

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Become a Client

Our clients are professionals at financial services firms, corporations, and in the professional services industry, and attorneys at the top litigation law firms in the world.

They seek knowledge from experts across the spectrum of industries to inform critical decisions.

ExpertConnect® enables access to the right expert at the right time, providing insights and industry perspective in real-time.

Become an Expert

We welcome you to help shape research and further your professional development through engaging consulting opportunities.

  • ExpertConnect® provides the opportunity to connect with top investors, corporations, and professional service firms.

  • Utilize your professional experience and industry expertise to educate clients about important developments in your field.

About ExpertConnect®

Compliance First and First in Compliance.

Our CEO is a former federal appellate court clerk with extensive legal experience at Skadden Arps, AOL and GLG. We have 5 licensed attorneys on staff in various roles and have spent the last 5 years perfecting a best-in-class compliance framework.


ExpertConnect’s roots in the expert witness business creates an ethos of constantly seeking out the perfect match for each project. When supplying experts who will be cross examined in high stakes trials, there’s no room for “average Joes”.


With all the “dumbing down” in the expert network business, we have taken a different approach and hired highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals. Our Account Managers have over 10 years of research experience. Our Research Managers are eminent in their respective fields.


Transparent and compelling. Subscriptions are priced per call. Unused “credits” are rolled over. We offer low priced trials and discounted follow-up calls.


ExpertConnect® has entered into collaborative agreements with a number of cutting edge technology firms, enhancing survey capabilities and expanding ease of expert access. Combining our top tier match quality with these productivity enhancers means you get better experts, faster while saving you money.

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