What is required to become an ExpertConnect® Industry Consultant?

Click here to join. You need a brief biography highlighting your industry experience and current employment history (or you may supply your resume/CV). You are also required to sign and adhere to the Terms and Conditions of ExpertConnect® Network Membership.

Is there a fee to join the ExpertConnect® Industry Consultant Network?

No, membership is free. You are compensated based on the hourly rate you set.

Who are ExpertConnect's clients?

Our clients are primarily analysts and investment managers at financial institutions. We also provide unique research solutions to corporations and professional services firms.

What information are clients looking for in consultations with Industry Consultants?

Clients are looking for Industry Consultants to leverage direct industry experience and opine on industry developments, trends, products and services. Industry Consultants are never expected to discuss their current employer or any confidential information.

How in-depth is the typical consultation? Is preparation expected?

Consultations are general in nature and range from 30 to 60 minutes. We've found that most Industry Consultants are able to provide industry perspectives without any preparation work. If preparation is necessary, ExpertConnect® must approve in advance for compensation.

What if the discussion turns to a topic you cannot discuss?

Whether the topic falls outside of your scope of expertise or it touches on information you aren't comfortable discussing, you should immediately terminate the call and invoice ExpertConnect® for the scheduled time. ExpertConnect® clients are aware of compliance rules and agree not to ask about confidential information.

How is payment handled?

Once you complete a consulting engagement, invoice ExpertConnect® for the time spent consulting with the client. Your payment will be calculated based on the hourly rate you set when you joined the Network.