About ExpertConnect®

ExpertConnect® helps institutional investors, private equity firms, corporations, and professional service firms make better decisions. ExpertConnect® clients access and leverage a robust network of Industry Consultants who are leading thinkers in their area of expertise. These Industry Consultants interact with clients through phone consultations, educational meetings and seminars, and custom surveys. ExpertConnect® also provides its clients with information from its proprietary data crawling and analysis technology.

ExpertConnect® was born out of American Medical Forensic Specialists (“AMFS”) which for over twenty years has provided medical experts to the legal community for expert research, analysis and expert witness engagements. This history is important as it underlies the training and competence of ExpertConnect® Industry Consultants who have had to meet the rigorous standard and vetting required to provide expert testimony in litigation matters. ExpertConnect grew out of this business as thousands of attorney clients of AMFS often required expertise outside of the medical field. Moreover, our experts understand confidentiality and conflict of interest better than experts who have not had to live under sustained periods of scrutiny and examination during the life of a trial.

ExpertConnect® employs a rigorous compliance framework to ensure that clients and Industry Consultants alike operate under the highest ethical and legal standards in using the network. Industry Consultants are screened, educated on compliance, and systemically reminded of their obligations as outlined in ExpertConnect's Terms and Conditions. This service is built to help clients obtain the insights and expertise needed to make the best decision possible for whatever challenge or issues faced in the business.