ExpertConnect® clients engage with Industry Consultants through a variety of interactions including telephone consultations, in-person meetings, seminars, and surveys. 

  • Phone Consultations: On-demand phone calls with leading Industry Consultants on the topics you are looking to understand. Pressure-test ideas with a thought leader at a moment's notice.  ExpertConnect® seeks to connect you quickly and confidentially with the best Industry Consultant(s) for your most challenging questions.

  • In-Person Meetings/Seminars: Participate in small-group seminars or arrange a private meeting with an Industry Consultant to gain industry, product, or market insights to help you make optimal decisions. These meetings occur at your convenience at industry conferences, during breakfast or lunch meetings in major cities, in the privacy of your office or via conference call.

  • Custom Surveys: Launch large scale surveys or smaller targeted queries of ExpertConnect® Industry Consultants. Quickly gain market insights and intelligence from frontline industry professionals.  Surveys may be completed on a blind or known basis. Clients have the option of following up with specific survey respondents to drill down on specific issues via telephone or in-person consultations.