Primary research insights from the world's leading subject matter experts.
Quickly engage a broad & deep network.
Compliance is the foundation of our business.
Sophisticated Tools for Market, Product, & Industry Analysis
Real-time results, live charts.
Targeted respondents, full-featured survey capability.
Premier Expert Witness Search
Fast expert identification & retention
25 years experience

Primary Research

Primary Research

Engage with Industry Consultants to gain market insights and intelligence in the most effective manner:

  • Phone Consultations: on-demand, scheduled quickly, with leading Industry Consultants
  • In-Person Meetings/Seminars: private or small-group sessions.
  • Custom Surveys: get insights from a range of Industry Consultants.

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ExpertConnect is an absolutely essential partner in our everyday work. They make the complicated and time-consuming logistical tasks of identifying and reaching out to consultants easy for us.
~ Managing Director, Investment Bank

Industry Consultants

Who makes a great Industry Consultant?

  • Good industry knowledge and experience.
  • Open to unique and personal networking opportunities.
  • Interest in earning consulting income based on your schedule
    and your chosen rate.
  • Interest in being part of a community of cross-industry professionals.
  • Willing to share, teach, and mentor.

Sign up

  • Complete Consultant Sign-up Process. (start here)
  • Biography, Consulting Rate, Employment/Education history, specialties.
  • Complete compliance tutorial, sign terms and conditions (takes 10-15 minutes).


  • ExpertConnect Clients present a research need and consultation method – phone call, in-person meeting, seminar, or survey.
    • Nothing ever shows up publicly, you will know who and when your info is being presented.
    • Confidentiality exists on both sides of the consultation.
  • Target industry consultants receive an invitation to consult (email).
  • Interested and qualified consultants accept invitation (ExpertConnect portal).
  • ExpertConnect clients select consultant(s) and arrange consultation schedule. (portal, email, phone)
  • Consultation occurs.

Get Paid

  • Request payment for your time (ExpertConnect portal).

  • Receive payment in 5-7 business days.

We welcome you to help shape research and further your professional development through engaging consulting opportunities.

ExpertConnect provides the opportunity to connect with top investors, corporations, and professional service firms.

Utilize your professional experience and industry expertise to educate clients about important developments in your field.

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Working with ExpertConnect has been tremendous. From the initial outreach about project feasibility to working around my busy clinical schedule and ultimately reimbursement for my time, consulting through ExpertConnect is seamless.
~ Orthopaedic Surgeon, Ivy League University Hospital



To ensure your comfort, ExpertConnect has established rules and guidelines for research engagement based on client expectations and Industry Consultant feedback. Compliance standards and best practices for participation in ExpertConnect interactions are outlined in the following agreements:

Industry Consultants agree that:
  • They will not disclose material non-public information.
  • They will not breach a duty of confidentiality owed to a third party, they will comply with their employer’s rule on outside consulting.
  • They will complete ExpertConnect’s compliance training and they will terminate consultations when in doubt and be paid by ExpertConnect for full time allotted.

Clients agree that:
  • They will not solicit material non-public information.
  • They will not solicit the breach of a duty owed to a third party.
  • They will terminate consultations when in doubt and be credited by ExpertConnect for future projects.

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I enjoyed my discussion with the investment group. They were asking the right questions and I felt I could give them useful guidance.
~ Assistant Professor, Ivy League Medical School

Legal Experts

Legal Experts
  • Why Do We Exist?—We are driven by the zealous pursuit of justice in trials that require expert witnesses. Too many trials are unnecessarily lost because otherwise smart attorneys did not ensure they have the world’s best and most qualified expert witnesses on their team. Simply, attorneys do not have the time or access to resources for mastery-level thoroughness when it comes to finding and engaging expert witnesses. We do.

  • How Do We Do It?—First, we can conduct searches, vet candidates, and present qualified experts quickly and efficiently. Second, we provide compelling pricing for our expert witness services, with a free search, and fair and reasonable expert billing rates for expert witness services. Third, we have an uncanny ability to match our clients with the best and most qualified experts every time. These have been our guiding principles for over 20 years.

  • Who Are We?—We are elite expert search specialists who match attorneys with the best and most qualified expert witnesses available. We have been in the business for over 20 years have helped our clients win thousands of cases.
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About Us
About ExpertConnect

Focus: ExpertConnect helps institutional investors, private equity firms, corporations, and professional service firms make better decisions.
ExpertConnect clients access and leverage a robust network of Industry Consultants who are leading thinkers in their area of expertise. These Industry Consultants interact with clients through phone consultations, educational meetings and seminars, and custom surveys. ExpertConnect also provides its clients with information from its proprietary data crawling and analysis technology.

History: ExpertConnect was born out of American Medical Forensic Specialists (“AMFS”) which for over twenty-five years has provided medical experts to the legal community for expert research, analysis and expert witness engagements.
This history is important as it underlies the training and competence of ExpertConnect Industry Consultants who have had to meet the rigorous standard and vetting required to provide expert testimony in litigation matters. ExpertConnect grew out of this business as thousands of attorney clients of AMFS often required expertise outside of the medical field. Moreover, our experts understand confidentiality and conflict of interest better than experts who have not had to live under sustained periods of scrutiny and examination during the life of a trial.

Ethical Rigor: ExpertConnect employs a rigorous compliance framework to ensure that clients and Industry Consultants alike operate under the highest ethical and legal standards in using the network.
Industry Consultants are screened, educated on compliance, and systemically reminded of their obligations as outlined in ExpertConnect's Terms and Conditions. This service is built to help clients obtain the insights and expertise needed to make the best decision possible for whatever challenge or issues faced in the business.